Marketing Campaign and Creative Direction
“Experience Extraordinary” is the marketing campaign for Orlando Shake’s 35th Anniversary Season. I had the pleasure of creating the visual identity for the campaign which included marketing and advertising assets in the form of Environmental Signage, Print Collateral, and Digital Assets.
Environmental Signage
One of the biggest elements for the campaign was the creation of large scale environmental signage to be displayed at the theater during the run of the new season. These signs ranged in size from pole banners, an exterior billboard, feather flags, and a large step-and-repeat photo offering for the inside lobby. 
These large scale banners display the full run of the season, individual productions, and the current seasons campaign.
Advertising for the campaign consists of a wide range of mediums and designs. The campaign exists through various types of print, and digital advertising such as large scale posters and billboards, print and digital publication ads, social media, promotional hand outs, as well as digital banners.

While the vehicle of communication may change, the designs are still cohesive to the campaign and create a unity in their overall design while still ensuring a clear message with what they may be advertising. The different advertising subjects for the campaign include the overall campaign and new season, individual shows, as well as specials promotions for tickets.
Internal Materials
Another major part to the campaign is updating all the internal material for the theater. This will include any element the theater needs that may not be advertising to the public. These projects include program brochures, member ship packets, pre-show screen presentation, internal signage and posters, show programs, and the company email signature.

To flip through a digital version of the Season Viewbook on the Orlando Shakes website, click here!

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