Alabama Museum of Modern Art
Marketing Campaign and Identity
The Alabama Museum of Modern Art, also known as AMOMA, is the leading museum of modern art in Alabama. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, the museum was in need of a marketing campaign for a new series of upcoming exhibits. The goal of the project was to create a brand new identity for the museum, and then a professional yet creative marketing campaign. The campaign's name, "This is, We are, I am AMOMA" features three of the museum's upcoming exhibits. The final product includes a brand style guide, primary, secondary, and promotional markups, print and digital ads, billboards, business cards, brochures, and merchandise that feature the marketing campaigns theme. 
The Print Collateral for the campaign consist of Admission Tickets, Business Cards, and the Museum Brochure. All of these items contain the marketing campaign theme "This is, We are, I am AMOMA." 
On the left, a gif shows the three different versions of the printed tickets guests might receive. The three featured exhibits are displayed matching the photo to their respective line in the campaign.
The business cards seen here follow a similar design as the backside of the card represents the different exhibits. These would be used for employees of the museum to hand-out as well as advertising.
Lastly, the brochure guests receive upon visiting features the museums secondary type logo on its cover. When opened, the featured exhibits can be seen as well as upcoming events.
The advertising for "This Is, We Are, I Am" is split into three parts: Environmental, Print, and digital.
The environmental aspect for the campaign consists of large elements that will be seen in public spaces. Places such as bus stops, sides of buildings, and large city billboards are high traffic areas that generate attention. The designs feature bright colors, unique art, and bold compositions. These different designs allow for interest among viewers looking at different elements of the same campaign as well as offering a cohesive feel.
Print advertisements follow the same logic of the environmental ads but in areas where print exists. The designs work well in full page advertisements for magazines and newspapers. Since many publications are now both physical and digital, the flexibility of the campaign allows for the designs to be featured in both digital and print spaces.

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