Athens State University, College of Arts and Sciences, Visual Arts Department
Branding, Creative Direction, Logo, Typography, Hand-lettering, Logo Design
Each year the Alabama Center for the Arts presents the Athens State Senior Art Exhibition: Look. I used to be very inspired by the gallery when I attended classes at Calhoun. I noticed that each year, the branding for the gallery would change. I wanted to create a concept that could be used for the 2023 season.

Each letter of “Look” represents a different disciple of visual arts: The blackletter “L” represents traditional art (painting, drawing), the 3-D “O” represents three-dimensional media (sculpture, textiles), the second “O” is a printer mark that represents design, and the pixelated “K” represents digital art (video, photography, digital illustration, animation, etc.)

The designs showcase different student work and are examples of posters, flyers, and postcards that can be used to advertise the exhibition.
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