Event Branding
Orlando Shakes holds an annual fundraising Gala every year to raise money for the coming season. For their 2022 Gala, the board of directors gave me a theme of “red glitter and rhinestones” and asked me to create a visual identity for the event.
I began with the logo, which would be the main graphic for the event. To stay on theme, I created a 3D rendering of red rhinestones spelling out the word Gala. Additionally, I added the season’s “Shake it Up” campaign in matching red glitter. This texture allowed me a secondary graphic I used to repeat across different pieces to create unison for the identity.
For the invitation, I was asked to create a budget-friendly yet engaging design. I featured the event logo as the prominent graphic on the invite, then cut the cover down to expose the inside of the invitation. This allowed the event sponsors and company logo to be displayed when the invite was both open and closed.
Other projects I created for the event included a program, presentation design for the live auction, print and digital signage, foamboards, and website assets.

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